Acting: Solo Shows

Roz delivers belly laughs and more in Fried Clams with Bellies, her first one-woman show.  She takes audiences on a humorous and thought provoking journey through her life as she discovers how to see things beyond their outward appearances.

It all starts when she was a young girl who just didn’t want to eat those clam bellies. 

She performed it for sold-out audiences in Hollywood in 2003 and at the The L.A. Women’s Theater Festival. She also took the show to Martha's Vineyard. 

“Roz Browne's Fried Clams With Bellies is a raucous romp chronicling her childhood days from digging for clams on the Boston shoreline to her crazy teenage years hanging in the city's juke joints—populated with nefarious and unforgettable characters—to her poignant encounters with Australian aborigines and South African apartheid. 

With wit and wisdom, Roz Browne transforms herself into her younger self, her sometimes overbearing mother, nosy siblings, fight-picking classmates, roller-skating husband-to-be and know-it-all co-workers, all without the advantage of costumes or set changes—she simply uses her words to paint pictures in your mind. A hand on the hip, an arched eyebrow and finger-popping off-key singing all convey her message. 

Although the stories are specific to Roz's Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, the work transcends geography. Her themes of love, family and acceptance are universally embraceable. The show's title reflects this singular truth about the human experience: Although clam bellies, and people, may not look appealing on the outside, good can still be found on the inside.”

— Los Angeles Preview Audience

Roz Browne's most recent one-woman show, You Look Like a Roz, was performed in Los Angeles and Boston. With the stage standing in for a bustling airport, she regaled audiences with stories about unusual characters and unexpected insights. 

To discuss presenting  either show at your venue or festival, email Roz Browne.